Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SuG - New Single

Visual kei band SuG will release their eighth single, titled Fukanzen Beauty Fool Days, on February 1st.

So far there is little information available about this release, but it is known that it will come in three editions. Types A and B will be limited and will each come with a bonus DVD. Details regarding their contents will be revealed closer to the single's release. Fukanzen Beauty Fool Days will also be available in a regular edition, which will be CD-only.

[Limited Type A]
Fukanzen Beauty Fool Days 
CD + DVD - single

 [Limited Type B]
Fukanzen Beauty Fool Days
CD + DVD - single

Fukanzen Beauty Fool Days 
CD - single

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Matenrou Opera Album

Visual kei band Matenrou Opera have announced that they will release a new album on March 7th.

Still untitled, this will be band's the first full-length album since signing to a major label. Further details regarding the album are currently unknown, but are expected to be revealed closer to its release.

To promote this album, Matenrou Opera will embark on their first major nationwide tour, which will start on April 14th 2012 at Yokohama BAYSIS.

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SuG - Zepp Tour 2012

SuG has announced on their OHP that they are going to be touring across Japan starting in May of 2012. They are going to start accepting ticket orders beginning in December for those living in Japan.  Below is the list of their tour dates starting at Zepp Tokyo where they will kick off their tour.

<OFFICIAL FAN CLUB 39GalaxyZチケット情報>

5月1日(火)Zepp Tokyo 
OPEN 18:00/START 18:30
(問)DISK GARAGE 03-5436-9600

5月4日(金・祝)Zepp Sapporo 
OPEN 16:30/START 17:00
(問)WESS 011-614-9999

5月15日(火)Zepp Nagoya 
OPEN 18:00/START 18:30
(問)サンデーフォークプロモーション 052-320-9100

5月16日(水)Zepp Osaka 
OPEN 18:00/START 18:45
キョードーインフォメーション 06-7732-8888

5月18日(金)Zepp Fukuoka 
OPEN 18:00/START 18:30
キョードー西日本 092-714-0159

前売り ¥4,500(tax-in)ドリンク代別¥500


For those who don't speak or read Japanese All ticket sales for this tour will begin distributing on Sunday February 12,2012.  Let's all come out and support SuG as they continue to grow!
Source: Visual Kei Heaven 

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