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The episodes were originally posted on their official website.


1 - SCANDAL is Born
2 - Searching for a Vocalist
3 - Alright, Time to Practice
4 - MAMI's World
5 - Debut on Shiroten
6 - HARUNA's Dream
7 - Tokyo Debut
8 - TOMOMI Can't Sleep!!
9 - What?!
10 - A Secret Time
11 - Something Forgotten
12 - Major Debut
13 - SCANDAL is Born (English Version)
14 - Searching for a Vocalist (English Version)
15 - Alright, Time to Practice (English Version)
16 - MAMI's World (English Version)
17 - Debut on Shiroten (English Version)
18 - HARUNA's Dream (English Version)
19 - Tokyo Debut (English Version)
20 - TOMOMI Can't Sleep!! (English Version)
21 - What?! (English Version)
22 - A Secret Time (English Version)
23 - Something Forgotten (English Version)
24 - Major Debut (English Version)
25 - What?! (Alternate Take for France Tour)
26 - What?! (Alternate Take for Hong Kong Tour) 


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SuG Announce New Single Release!

"TOY SOLDIER" - SuG's New Single

On June 15th, SuG had just released their record "Gimi Gimi" and while they are busily heading towards their first NHK performance at the end of this year, they no also announced a new single release!

The track will be called "Toy Soldiers" and will be released on October 26th this year. Details have yet to be announced, but fans can certainly looking forward to the new track.

Also, the live DVD for SuG's latest tour "TRiP ~ welcome to Thrill Ride Pirates~" will be released on September 21st as a regular and a special edition.

Single [Toy Soldiers]
Release Date: 2011/10/26
* Details to be announced

DVD [SuG TOUR 2011 'TRiP~welcome to Thrill Ride Pirates~']
Release Date: 2011/09/21
[First Press Limited Edition] PCBP-52138 / 5,800 Yen (tax in)
[Regular Edition] PCBP-52139 / 3,800 Yen(tax in)

credit : musicjapanplus

Alice Nine「Heart of Gold」2011.9.7 Pv Preview

Line-up and Further Information on V-ROCK FESTIVAL '11

Further information has been released regarding the upcoming V-ROCK FESTIVAL '11.

An impressive line-up has been announced for this year's event, which will take place at Saitama Super Arena on Sunday October 23rd. The festival will open at 9:30am and the shows will start at 11am. Advanced tickets, with a discount of 1000yen are already available for reservation here, while regular ticket sales start on September 3rd. Tickets are priced between 12,000 and 16,000yen.

The artists who have already been confirmed for V-ROCK FESTIVAL '11 are as follows:

Golden Bomber
Matenrou Opera

< Track List >
01. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (‘Fantasia’) – NIGHTMARE
02. Friend Like Me (‘Aladdin’) – NIGHTMARE
03. Beauty and the Beast (‘Beauty and the Beast’) – Kawamura Ryuuichi
04. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (‘Lilo & Stitch’) – PENICILLIN
05. Chim Chim Cheree (‘Mary Poppins’) – Plastic Tree
06. This Is Halloween (‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’) – Sadie
07. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (‘The Lion King’) – Aoi
08. Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious (‘Mary Poppins’) – THE KIDDIE
09. When You Wish Upon a Star (‘Pinocchio’) – NINJAMAN JAPAN
10. Heigh-Ho (‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’) – CASCADE
11. You’ll Be In My Heart (‘Tarzan’) – DASEIN

Further information about the festival can be found on V-ROCK's official site

SCANDAL to hold a pajama party with fans over ‘Niconico Douga’

To celebrate the release of their new single “LOVE SURVIVE” and upcoming album “BABY ACTION“, girl band SCANDAL will be holding a listening party with their fans over Niconico Douga!

The live stream will take place on July 29th, 11:00 PM JST. Since the theme of the broadcast is “SCANDAL’s Pajama Party”, fans who tune in will not only be able to listen to new tracks from “BABY ACTION”, but they also get to see the girls in their pajamas! SCANDAL is also accepting questions about love from their fans via their official website, which will be answered during the broadcast.

SCANDAL will also broadcast an exclusive, 24-hour program through Can System. The program will be an entire day of SCANDAL songs, from some of their more well-known songs to tracks that have never been heard before.

Bookmark the Niconico Douga page for the event here!

Source : Barks
credit : tokyohive

L'Arc-en-Ciel's 20th L'anniversary Live to be Aired on WOWOW!

On May 28th and 29th this year, L'Arc-en-Ciel had been performing their 20th L'Anniversary live at the Ajinomoto stadium for two days in a row, do commemorate the 20 years since their formation.

The stadium which is usually used as soccer field became a sanctuary for 100,000 fans. The band had been playing 45 songs on these two days, not doubling a single one of them.

It has now been announced that the performance will be aired on July 31st 2011 on music station WOWOW from 6:00pm, Japanese Standard Time.

credit : musicjapanplus

If you have a chance, make sure not to miss it

Golden Bomber - Memeshikute (KPOP Ver.) PV [PREVIEW]

PSC Bands : - Visual Battle Royal - 2011 Nico nico douga

『~ ヴィジュアルバトルロイヤル ~ PS COMPANY 夏の陣!』 information:
here is some more important information regarding the nico nico live broadcast featuring members from alice nine, SCREW, ViViD, and sug.

Ahead of the event PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL 7days, which will start on August 11th and gather all PS COMPANY artists, Harajuku Nico Nico will organize the ~PS COMPANY Natsu no jin (Summer camp) ! ~ Visual battle royal ! on July 31st.


- the broadcast starts at 10PM JST with no estimated ending time - it’s on the 31st [nao’s birthday] - this broadcast does not count as the alice9 channel broadcast. the alice9 channel monthly show will be aired on july 29th [no information given on who will be on the show this time, though] - the guests will be: tora = host, hiroto, saga, takeru (sug), chiyu (sug), shin (ViViD), ko-ki (ViViD), byou (SCREW), and jin (SCREW)
-Tora, Alice Nine's guitarist, will lead the programme. Four teams, made up of Hiroto and Saga (Alice Nine), Takeru and Chiyu (SuG), Shin and Ko-ki (ViViD) and Byo and Jin (SCREW) will battle against each other in a gameshow style

The programme will begin at 22:00 JST on July 31st and will be broadcast here.

The viewing times are as follows:

July 31st - 06:00 (Los Angeles)
July 31st - 19:00 (New York) 
July 31st - 10:00 (Buenos Aires)
July 31st - 15:00 (Paris)
July 31st - 14:00 (London)
July 31st - 22:00 (Tokyo)
July 31st - 17:00 (Moscow)

- here is the link to where you will view the broadcasting when the time has come:

credits to fyeahaliceinfo

Matenrou Opera to Perform at Anime USA

Matenrou Opera will be performing alongside previously announced act BLOOD at Anime USA, which will take place from November 18th to 20th in Arlington, VA. This will be Matenrou Opera's first US appearance. 

More information about the convention is available at the Anime USA and Tainted Reality websites.

credit : claire on jame-world

New Album from SCANDAL " Baby Action "

Female rock band SCANDAL will release a new album, titled Baby Action, on October 8th.

The album will contain twelve tracks, including the singles HARUKA and Pride, plus LOVE SURVIVE, which was just released on July 27th. Baby Action will be available in three different versions. The regular edition will be CD-only and its first press comes with an application card, which is only valid in Japan. The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD, although its contents have yet to be confirmed. The album will also be available in a "Deluxe Magazine Edition" which comes in a specially designed package shaped like a magazine and includes photographs and articles which are not available anywhere else.

Baby Action [Regular]
CD - album

Baby Action [Limited]
CD + DVD - album

Baby Action [Deluxe Magazine Edition]
CD - album

source : cdjapan
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

SCANDAL - Mezamashi Live 2011 (2011.07.22)[MF]

TV Broadcast 2011.07.27

 1. SCANDAL no Theme
 4. DOLL
 5. Haruka
 6. Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY

size: 1,8gb. | 5 files @ 400mb



credits : haito

D=OUT: "Roman Revolution" Release Comment

Artist lineup for VAMPS’ ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011′ revealed!

It’s been announced that rock band VAMPS will be holding their Halloween event, ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011‘, once again this year!

The ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY’ attracts a lot of attention thanks to the performers’ unique costumes and gorgeous stage sets. This year, the event will be held at Chiba Makuhari Messe on October 21st and 22nd, and at Kobe World Memorial Hall on October 29th and 30th.

Tickets will be available to the public through Play Guide starting September 24th, however, fans of VAMPS’ fan club, “VAMPADDICT“, will have the chance to pre-order tickets starting August 4th.

October 21st (Fri) – Chiba Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex 9~11 Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/BREAKERZ

October 22nd (Sat) – Chiba Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex 9~11 Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/sads/SID

October 29th (Sat) – Kobe World Memorial Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/and more

October 30th (Sun) – Kobe World Memorial Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/and more


Source: natalie
credit : tokyohive

Dir En Grey: Appearing on Nico Nico Live

They're appearance on Nico Nico Live is on August 2nd;opening at 03:50 while the curtain rise's at 04:00 Japan Time.

DIR EN GREY, attracting music fans with unique conceptual approach, is finally on Nico Nico Live!
A monthly show will start up to extract their fascination!

So called "DIR EN GREY x Boo CHANNEL"!

The first show will be all-DIR EN GREY-hour, consisting of their secret videos and live talk from their early age to recent world-applauding-concert. A guitarist, Die, will join the first show.

It is Boo that delivers this show as a VJ at MTV!
Boo who has a close friendship with DIR EN GREY may reveal members' secret!?

In addition, their new album "DUM SPIRO SPERO", which will be on sale on the next day of on air, will be introduced in the show.
In the show, you can watch hot MUSIC CLIPs as well as other popular clips!

The year of 2011, Nico Nico Live begins a big project for all music fans!
Don't miss out!

Credit/Source to: Dir En Grey facebook and Nico Nico Twitter page.

NIGHTMARE PV previews for “SLEEPER” + “Star Spangled Breaker”!

credit : tokyohive

NIGHTMARE reveals PV previews for “SLEEPER” + “Star Spangled Breaker”!

Rock band NIGHTMARE has just revealed PV previews for their new songs, “SLEEPER” and “Star Spangled Breaker“!

“SLEEPER” is the title track of their upcoming single, which will be released on September 9th, while “Star Spangled Breaker” is one of the B-sides. Fans will receive one or the other depending on which version they buy.

Check out previews for both PVs, as well as the track list and covers for each version below!

Type A (CD+DVD)

Type B (CD+DVD)

Type C (CD-Only)

< CD Track List >
02. Star Spangled Breaker
03. Iris (Type C Only)

< DVD Track List >
01. SLEEPER (Type A Only)
02. Star Spangled Breaker (Type B Only)

credit : tokyohive

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[Album] Dir en Grey - DUM SPIRO SPERO [2011/08/03]


[149,18 Mb]

01 狂骨の鳴り
04 AMON 
05 「欲巣にDREAMBOX」あるいは成熟の理念と冷たい雨
06 獣慾
07 滴る朦朧
10 暁
12 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇
14 流転の塔
15 羅刹国 (Bonus Track)
16 AMON (Symphonic Ver. Bonus Track)

Download [MF]

credit : beaux

ViViD to Perform at Hong Kong's Largest Anime and Game Convention!

On July 13th, ViViD have been releasing their latest single "BLUE", whereas the title track has not only been used as the recent "BLEACH" opening theme, but also the coupling track "CRISIS" came to be in a tie-up with online video game "SPECIAL FORCE".

Moreover, it has now been announced that, matching the occasion, ViViD will be performing at Hong Kong's largest anime and game convention "13th ACGJK2011". The event will be held from July 29th to August 2nd and the badn is scheduled to make an appearance on the 2nd.

Please look forward to it!

source :

New Single from DaizyStripper

Visual kei band DaizyStripper have unveiled details of their forthcoming single Tsuki ni juusei, which is scheduled for September 7th.

The single will be released in three versions, the first of which will feature three tracks. The second will include two tracks plus member comments talking about the song SIREN and the final version will come with a DVD featuring one music video and off-shot footage.

Tsuki no juusei (Limited Edition B)DaizyStripperCD + DVD - maxi-single
Tsuki no juusei (Limited Edition A)DaizyStripperCD - maxi-single
Tsuki no juusei (Regular Edition)DaizyStripperCD - maxi-single
source : cdjapancredits : jame-world

Oricon reveals weekly charts for August 1st / week 30

Oricon has revealed their ranking for singles, albums, and music DVDs for the week of August 1st.

Let’s see who managed to come on top!

<Single Weekly Ranking>

1.“Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” – NMB48 : 7/20 (218,441)
2.“Superstar” – Tohoshinki : 7/20 (158,870)
3.“Maru Maru Mori Mori” – Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook: 5/25 (48,797)
4.“Zenbu Suki.” – Yusuke : 7/20 (32,743)
5.“Warattetainda/NEW WORLD MUSIC” – Ikimonogakari: 7/20 (32,743)

(View the rest of the ranking here.)

<Album Weekly Ranking>

1.“YOU” – JUJU : 7/13 (71,488)
2.“Born This Way” – Lady Gaga : 5/23 (30,720)
3.“RE-CREATION” – TUBE : 7/20 (25,859)
4.“Beautiful World” – Arashi : 7/6 (25,742)
5.“GIRLS’ GENERATION” – Shoujo Jidai : 6/1 (21,093)

(View the rest of the ranking here.)

<Music DVD Ranking>

1.“AKB ga Ippai ~The Best Music Video~” – AKB48 : 6/24
2.“ARASHI 10-11 TOUR ‘SCENE’ –Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei~ DOME +” – Arashi : 6/15
3.“Fujifabric presents Fuji Fuji Fuji Q –Complete Edition-” – Fujifabric : 7/20
5.“Hatsune Miku Vision” – Various Artists : 7/20

(View the rest of the ranking here.)

source : oricon
credits : tokyohive

LM.C: Best Album

Release Date/On Sale: 2011.10.12

“☆★Best the LM.C★☆2006-2011SINGLES”

★Limited Edition [CD+DVD (Magazine-style Special Packaging)]

[track list]

01. ☆Rock the LM.C☆ (Anime "RED GARDEN" ED)

02. little Fát Màn boy ( Japanese TV program "KID'S NEWS" ED)


04. BOYS&GIRLS (Anime "Katekyo Hitman REBORN!" OP)

05. LIAR LIAR (Japanese TV program "Entame Chatch +"OP)

06. Sentimental PIGgy Romance

07. Bell the CAT (Japanese TV program "Rank Okoku" OP)

08. JOHN (Japanese TV Drama "Coin Locker Monogatari" ED)

09. 88 (Anime "Katekyo Hitman REBORN!" OP)

10. PUNKY❤HEART (Japanese TV program "MUSIC FIGHTER" power play)



13. SUPER DUPER GALAXY (Japanese TV program "Futtonda" ED)

14. Hoshi no Arika. (Anime "Nurarihyon no Mago" OP)

15. Unreleased New Song

※DVD contains the music clips of all 15 tracks.

★Standard Edition [CD only]

※Track list is exactly same as the limited edition.

Credit/Source to: LM.C facebook page, LM.C ohp and Anni.

SCANDAL - LOVE SURVIVE [2011.07.27][Single][MF/GU]

 2. 君に嫉妬中
 3. ひかれ
 4. LOVE SURVIVE (Instrumental)

[320k | 35mb]

Download [MF]
Download [GU]


credits : haito,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the GazettE - Shoxx Vol. 223 Sept. 2011

Download [MF]

credit : matsu

Fool's Mate July 2011

Download [MF]

credit : matsu

SHOXX Vol. 222

credits : Matsu

Rock and Read 033

Download [MF]

NLSB 02 Pamphlet

Download [MU]

FANTA releases their debut PV, “Fantastic Love”!

When you think of the drink ‘FANTA‘, most of you probably think of the “FANTA girls”. But in Japan, it’s an entirely different  group. Coca-Cola – the beverage company who makes ‘FANTA’ – put together a session band of celebrities who  each represent a letter from the ‘FANTA’ brand.

The bandmates are: Martin Friedman (‘F’), Ayanokoji Sho from Kishidan (‘A’), Tanimura Nana (‘N’), Takamizawa Toshihiko from THE ALFEE (‘T’), and Akebono Taro (‘A’).

The ‘band’ has already launched a series of commercials for the ‘FANTA’ drink, but this time, they’ve released a full music video for their debut song, “Fantasic Love“. It’s  also the CM song for the ‘FANTA’ commerical, “Ano koro“.

Check out the PV below!

credits :

DIR EN GREY to Perform in Peru for the First Time!

Next month, on August 3rd, DIR EN GREY will be releasing their new album "DUM SPIRO SPERO", which is the first album release in nearly three years. From November the band will then be going on tour through Latin America, which will also include a very first performance in Peru.

The concert will be held on November 25th and alternative metal band "10 YEARS" will be playing with them as their support act. This part of the world tour will include five concerts in five countries altogether.

DIR EN GREY are also scheduled to perform at "Wacken Open Air", right after their album release on August 6th, followed by a total of 58 performances in Europe, Japan, the previously mentioned shows in Latin America, and North America.

Live Schedule:
2011/11/23 (Wed) Santiago de Chile TETRO CAUPOLICAN
2011/11/25 (Fri) Peru, Lima Centro de Convenciones Scencia
2011/11/27 (Sun) Brazil, São Bernardo do Campo ESPACO LUX
2011/11/29 (Tue) Argentina, Buenos Aires TEATRO FLORES
2011/12/02 (Fri) Mexico, Mexico City Circo Volador

credits : musicjapanplus

SID on Ontama Carnival 2011 [MF]

ontama Carnival 2011 - Monochrome no Kiss + Uso


credits : originally uploaded by etsuka@jps + starrvia @sidnad


6,49 Mb

credits : @nameless Liberty @thisisya

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Alice Nine Channel [2011.06.26] [MF]

Video with Subtitle (AVI 237 Mb)

Video with separated subtitle (AVI 154 Mb)

subtitle (dont forget to rename as the video title)

credits : haito
Azshannar and jaeho_x3 on livejournal

Alice Nine Channel [2011.05.26] [MF]

Alice Nine Channel 21 May 2011
size : 193.99 MB
format : (.avi)
server : Mediafire

English Subtitle

the Gazette - Gemcerey collaboration [2008][DVD][M

This dvd was given to those that bought one of the the GazettE x GemCEREY pieces from 2008.

 Messages from the members
 behind the scenes of the cm filming and jewelry making
 different versions of the final cm
 segment from BTrue TV


credits : haito

L'Arc~en~Ciel in niconico nama housou 20110628

L'Arc~en~Ciel in niconico 生放送 at 20110628.1hr 06min.


credits : haito

Music Station - 2011.07.15 [GU/MF]

+ Mini Music Station 

 まだ見ぬ世界へ /嵐 
 笑ってたいんだ /いきものがかり 
 ふいに /板野友美 
 BELIEVE /加藤ミリヤ×清水翔太 
 Episode.0 / GACKT

size: 1,6 gb (9 part files) [GU]



credits : haito

Dir en Grey to tour North and South America!

Metal band Dir en Grey will be holding a North and South American tour titled, “TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS“, at the end of the year!

The band will start their tour in Chile on November 23rd, and then make their way up to North America, with a total of 17 stops. They will perform alongside American metal band, 10 Years, in South America and Mexico; for the United States and Canada, they’ll be performing alongside synthetic rock band, The Birthday Massacre.

Check out the tour dates below!



Date + City: November 23rd – Santiago, Chile

Date + City: November 27th – São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

Date + City: November 29th – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date + City: December 2nd – Mexico City, Mexico
Venue: Circo Volador


Date + City: December 4th – Houston, Texas
Venue: House of Blues

Date + City: December 5th – Dallas, Texas
Venue: Trees

Date + City: December 7th – Atlanta, Georgia
Venue: Center Stage

Date + City: December 9th – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue: Theatre of the Living Arts

Date + City: December 10th – Baltimore, Maryland
Venue: Sonar

Date + City: December 12th – New York, New York
Venue: Irving Plaza

Date + City: December 13th – Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Paradise Rock Club

Date + City: December 15th – Montreal, Quebec
Venue: Club Soda

Date + City: December 16th – Toronto, Ontario
Venue: The Phoenix Concert Theatre

Date + City: December 18th – Chicago, Illinois
Venue: House of Blues

Date + City: December 20th – Denver, Colorado
Venue: The Bluebird Theatre

Date + City: December 22nd – San Francisco, California
Venue: The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center

Date + City: December 23rd – West Hollywood, California
Venue: House of Blues Sunset Strip

Source: Dir en Grey official website

Tip: Fanimei
credits :

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