Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SCANDAL - Live DVD and New Album !!!

Female rock band SCANDAL will release a live DVD and a new album in the upcoming months.

First of all, the live release will come out on August 22nd. Currently titled SCANDAL JAPAN TITLE MATCH LIVE 2012-SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN, it will feature footage from the band's first ever performane at Nippon Budokan, which took place earlier this year, and will be available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.

A month later, on September 26th, SCANDAL will release their fourth full-length album. Titled Queens are trumps -Kirihuda wa Queen-, the album is set to feature a total of twelve tracks, including the single Pin Heel Surfer, which is due for release on September 12th. The album will be available in three different editions.

The regular edition will be CD-only and its first press editions will come with a bonus, though details of this have yet to be confirmed. The limited edition will come in photobook-style packaging and will feature new photographs. The limited CD+DVD edition will come with a bonus DVD, details of which have not yet been revealed. Further information will be announced closer to the album's release date.

source to cdjapan
credit to jame-world

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oricon 2012 Week 30 [JULY]

Top 10 - Singles
01. [++] NEWS - Chankapana
02. [++] French Kiss - Romance Private
03. [++] Ikimono-gakari - Kaze ga fuiteiru
04. [++] Hanazawa Kana - Hatsukoi no oto
05. [++] IU - You & I (Japanese Version)
06. [++] LinQ - Shiawase no Energy/Matsuri no yoru ~kimi o suki ni natta hi~
08. [++] Ogura Yui - Raise
09. [++] baroque - Mellow Hollow
10. [- 9] Tohoshinki - ANDROID

Top 10 - Albums
01. [++] Kuwata Keisuke - I LOVE YOU -now & forever-
03. [- 2] Amuro Namie - Uncontrolled
05. [- 3] Che'Nelle - Believe
06. [++] Lead - NOW OR NEVER
07. [++] GILLE - I AM GILLE.
08. [++] The Birthday - VISION
09. [++] "Various Artists" - NARUTO GREATEST HITS!!!!!
10. [- 6] GReeeeN - Uta utai ga uta utai ni kite uta utae toiu ga uta utai ga uta utau dake utai kireba uta utau keredomo uta utai dake uta utaikirenai kara uta utawanu!?

Top 10 - DVDs
01. KinKi Kids - King KinKi Kids 2011-2012
02. DIR EN GREY - TOUR2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol. 2 [U.S. & Japan]
03. Arashi - ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World
04. EXILE - EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH ~Negai no tou~
05. Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-MiNT Tour at Tokyo Dome 2012.4.8
07. Yellow Magic Orchestra - YMONHK
08. Momoiro Clover Z - "Momoiro Christmas 2011 Saitama Super Arena Taikai" LIVE DVD
09. BIGBANG - BIGBANG 1st DOCUMENTARY DVD < extraordinary, 20's >
10. Momoiro Clover - 4.10 Nakano Sun Plaza Taikai Momokuro haru no ichidaiji ~mabushisa no naka ni kimi ga ita~ LIVE DVD

Top 10 - Indies Singles
01. Idol College - Amenochi hare
02. access - Bet~tsuioku no Roulette~
03. Yamane Yasuhiro - CLOUD 9
04. [Champagne] - Kill Me If You Can
05. Black Gene for the Next Scene - Namida -kHz
06. the band apart - 2012 e.p.
07. BABYMETAL - Hedobangya!!
08. girugamesh - Zecchou BANG!!
09. Kotone Mai - ■Magic Kiss■
10. Called≠Plan - Yozo Lion

Top 10 - Indies Albums
01. "Various Artists" - Nameko no CD
02. WHITE ASH - Quit or Quiet
03. "Various Artists" - Age mix2 ~All Genre Best~
05. EVISBEATS - Hitotsu ni naru toki
06. SEBASTIAN X - Hinagiku to kaijuu
07. Dohatsuten x SCOOBIE DO - Koi no Rekishikan Rock / Onna
08. FoZZtone - INNER KINGDOM (uchi naru oukoku)
09. Def Tech - GREATEST HITS
10. JiLL-Decoy association - Lining

credit to jame-world
source to oricon

SID announces first tour performance in Taiwan

As part of their concert tour, SID held a performance titled, “TOUR 2012 ‘M&W’ preview” at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on July 27th. During the final encore of the performance, they announced that they will be holding their first concert in Taiwan titled, “TOUR 2012 ‘M&W’ extra” on November 17th. It will be held at ATT Show Box in Taiwan after the end of their nationwide tour, “TOUR2012 ‘M&W’“ in Japan, which will be starting soon in September.

Check out tour dates below!

< TOUR 2012 ‘M&W’ >
2012.9.02 Hiroshima Cultural Exchange Hall
2012.9.06 Kumamoto Kumamoto City Hall
2012.9.08 Fukuoka Fukuoka Sun Palace
2012.9.09 Fukuoka Fukuoka Sun Palace
2012.9.14 Tokyo Fuchuu no Mori Geijutsu Gekijou Dream Hall
2012.9.17 Aoimori Aomori Bunkakaikan
2012.9.19 Miyagi Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
2012.9.20 Miytagi Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
2012.9.22 Kagawa Kagawa Alpha Anabuki Hall
2012.9.29 Niigata Niigata Assembly Hall
2012.9.30 Niigata Niigata Assembly Hall

2012.10.05 Shizuoka Shizuoka Bunkakaikan Big Hall
2012.10.07 Aichi Nagoya Century Hall
2012.10.08 Aichi Nagoya Century Hall
2012.10.10 Hyogo Kobe Kokusai Hall
2012.10.26 Osaka Osaka International Convention Center Main Hall
2012.10.27 Osaka Osaka International Convention Center Main Hall
2012.10.30 Tokyo Tokyo Forum Hall A
2012.10.31 Tokyo Tokyo Forum Hall A

< TOUR 2012 ‘M&W’ extra >
2012.11.17 Taiwan ATT Show Box

Source: Natalie
credit to tokyohive

SID ( シド) - M & W [Album] (2012.08.01) [MF]

[Artist ]:SID

1. コナゴナ
2. ゴーストアパートメント
3. 冬のベンチ
4. 糸
5. Cafe de Bossa
6. S
7. MOM
8. いつか
9. ドレスコード
10. gossip!!
11. 残り香 

source to jmp3info

Monday, July 23, 2012

SuG - NEW LOOK for New Single "SWEET TOXIC"

source OHP 

ONE OK ROCK - Details on Upcoming Single

It was recently revealed that rock band ONE OK ROCK are set to release a new single on August 22nd. Further information has now been revealed about this release.

The single will be titled The Beginning and will contain three songs. Along with the title track, it will also contain the songs Ketsuraku Automation and Notes'n'Words. The single was mixed and mastered by Danish producer Tue Madsen, who mastered DIR EN GREY's 2011 album DUM SPIRO SPERO and produced Blood Stain Child's albums Idolator and Mozaiq.

source to OHP
credit to jame-world

Oricon 2012 Week 29 [JULY]

Top 10 - Singles
01. [++] Tohoshinki - ANDROID
02. [++] SCANDAL - Taiyou Scandalous
03. [++] flumpool - Because...I am
04. [++] Ketsumeishi - LOVE LOVE Summer
05. [- 3] Yamashita Tomohisa - LOVE CHASE
06. [++] Chihara Minori - ZONE/ /ALONE
07. [++] The Gospellers - It's Alight ~kimi to iru dake de~
08. [+ 2] Shoujo Jidai - PAPARAZZI
09. [- 8] Kim Hyun Joong - HEAT
10. [- 5] 2PM+2AM 'Oneday' - One day

Top 10 - Albums
01. [--] Amuro Namie - Uncontrolled
02. [+ 1] Che'Nelle - Believe
03. [++] sphere - Third Planet
04. [- 2] GReeeeN - Uta utai ga uta utai ni kite uta utae toiu ga uta utai ga uta utau dake utai kireba uta utau keredomo uta utai dake uta utaikirenai kara uta utawanu!?
05. [+ 15] SUPER JUNIOR - Sexy, Free & Single
06. [++] Kato Miliyah - Life is Beautiful
07. [++] Noa - Noa's LOVE
08. [- 3] Linkin Park - Living Things
09. [++] Base Ball Bear - Hatsukoi

Top 10 - DVDs
01. Arashi - ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World
02. Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-MiNT Tour at Tokyo Dome 2012.4.8
04. EXILE - EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH ~Negai no tou~
05. Fukuyama Masaharu - Yatto nanda, hontou nanda, yume janainda! Fukuyama☆Manatsu no hatsu taiken THE LIVE BANG!! in Okinawa
06. AKB48 - AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2012
07. Momoiro Clover Z - "Momoiro Christmas 2011 Saitama Super Arena Taikai" LIVE DVD
08. Porno Graffitti - Makuhari Romance Porno'11 ~DAYS OF WONDER~
09. Fukuyama Masaharu - Fukuyama☆Fuyu no daikanshasai sono juuichi hajimete no anata, daijoubu desu ka? Jouren no anata, o mataseshimashita■Hontou ni yacchaimasu! "Mu ryuukou kasai"
10. B'z - B'z LIVE-GYM 2011 -C'mon-

Top 10 - Indies Singles
01. Kotone Mai - ■Magic Kiss■
02. BABYMETAL - Hedobangya!!
03. Alice-Juban - Natsu da ne☆/ Makenaide☆
04. girugamesh - Zecchou BANG!!
05. Vanilla Beans - Non Section
08. Royz - Starry HEAVEN
09. Samezame - Zubon no Chuck / Skirt mekuri
10. nanoCUNE - Hareruya!

Top 10 - Indies Albums
01. WHITE ASH - Quit or Quiet
02. The Pees - Arukinema
03. Def Tech - GREATEST HITS
04. Amano Tsuki - Melodic note.
05. "Various Artists" - TRICK ISLAND mix by MIGHTY JAM ROCK
06. "Various Artists" - C-love FRAGRANCE Crystal Emotion
07. "Various Artists" - Best! Best!! Best2!!! ~NON STOP MIX~ MIXED BY DJ HIROKI
08. toe - The Future Is Now EP

source to oricon
credit to jame-world


All-female rock group SCANDAL will release a new single on September 12th.

Titled Pin Heel Surfer, the single was written and produced by Wada Sho of pop/rock band Triceratops. So far, little information is available about Pin Heel Surfer, but is expected to be revealed closer to its release date.

source to cdjapan
credit to jame-world.com/us

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the GazettE new look for DIVISION taken from OHP

source OHP


Full track listing and details of the GazettE NEW ALBUM, DIVISION!

PVs previews can be found at the bottom of the page!
This time there will be 2 PVs in ONE ALBUM!!
Check it out!
The PVs are namely 歪 & DERANGEMENT!


Matenrou Opera - Releasing 3rd Major Single "GLORIA" [03.10.2012]

New Single will be released in December!
Launch of the Single was decided in December 2012 with "GLORIA" released Wednesday, October 3, 2012. 
Single Mon & 12 minutes only the first production in October, will work in conjunction inclusion lottery ticket two applicants. 
※ For details of entry ticket will guide you as soon as determined in conjunction single and December. Information of "GLORIA" release (Wednesday) October 3, 2012


Information ban New Single! And decision title fall tour!
Launch of the 3rd Single Major has decided on Wednesday October 03, 2012. Major 3rd Single , October 03, 2012 "GLORIA" release (Wed) KICM.1412 ¥ 1,260 (tax in) [] 
contents in :
M2.Phychic Paradise 
M3.CAMEL first love. 
M4 初恋は永遠に
 information is expected to benefit over-the-counter ※ guide in early August. With the announcement of the 3rd Single Major, the title of the fall tour has been determined. "GLORIA TOUR-scene Ⅰ -"


SHOXX Vol.23 July 21 [cover is the GazettE]

【SHOXX Vol.235】21st July out!
This cover is the GazettE.

Long long interview of the GazettE about 『DIVISION』.

Other features are
HITSUGI(NIGHTMARE) : interview & original photos
AN CAFE : interview & original photos
SuG : report@Nakano Sunplaza Hall
ViViD : report@Tokyo International Forum Hall-A
MUCC : report@Makuhari Messe
Sadie : interview & original photos
D=OUT,Versailles,THE MICRO HEAD 4’NS,D,MEJIBRAY,OZ,and more!!

Original poster(the GazettE) is included in!!

Versailles DISBAND??!!!!

An Important Announcement From Versailles:

Dear Enduring, Loyal Supporters,

We would like to announce that Versailles has decided to stop all activities by the closing of the year.
Being our 5th anniversary — and without a clear direction heading into the future – we have decided it was in the best interest of the band and the music, our staff and supporters, in order to pursue our artistic and personal goals outside the current framework, to stop all our activities by the end of 2012.

Since the beginning the “ROSE” has played a central role, both thematically and symbolically, for Versailles. The “ROSE”, which is also the title song of their 5th anniversary single, is about birth, becoming and being – in short, their story to the world.

The band will release their farewell album September 26th and tour domestically soon afterwards. On December 20th, Versailles will have their grand finale which be performed at NHK Hall in Tokyo.

Please come and show your support to Versailles and their final journey.

July 20th, 2012Versailles
YMN corporation

Source: Kamijo World via Shattered-Tranquility.net

BORN - Agitator (New Single Blasted Animals)

Track no.2 from single "Blasted Animals"

credit to ayame

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vistlip - Upcoming Release!!!

Neo visual kei band vistlip have announced some new releases for the upcoming months.

First of all, they will release their tenth single in October. This will be followed in November by the release of a DVD containing footage from vistlip's July 7th concert. The band has also planned the release of a new mini-album for the winter.

Further details and exact release dates for these items have not yet been revealed, but are expected to be unveiled soon.

source to PressRelease
credit to jame-world

UNDIVIDE - Details of Debut Album "UNDIVIDE"

UNDIVIDE tracklist :
01. 400 DAYS
07. SKIN
09. 13 AM
2012.09.05 RELEASE / ¥3,150 (Tax in) / BMCD-015

source to undivide OHP

the GazettE - [Previews] SHOXX vol.235 (DIVISION new look)

credit to The-GazettE-Fans

DaisyStripper - Kanojo wa Emerald [PV Preview]

credit to edohsama

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

miwa and YUI chat for the first time on “Bokura no Ongaku”

On the Fuji TV show ‘Bokura no Ongaku‘, popular singer-songwriter miwa spoke with YUI for the very first time.

The show contains a special segment in which guests get to talk with a person they really want to meet. Miwa was able to meet her fellow guitar-playing, female singer-songwriter and senior YUI, whom she has always wanted to chat with. Much to the young singer’s delight, “Bokura no Ongaku” made her wish come true.

During their chat, miwa and YUI discussed topics of interest to singer-songwriters, played guitar, and sang together, while talking and enjoying each other’s company. miwa also performed the song “Hikari e“, which is currently airing as the theme song to the Fuji TV drama ‘Rich Man, Poor Woman‘.

This episode is scheduled to air for the first time on August 17th at 11:30 PM.

Source + Photo: Barks
credit to tokyohive

musicJAPANplus GIG vol.5 x World Cosplay Summit 2012 SPECIAL LIVE Announced!

musicJAPANplus GIG vol.5 x World Cosplay Summit 2012 SPECIAL LIVE Announced!

Each year, in the world's largest event for cosplayers, the best dressers and most creative people from all over the world are invited to Japan for the final show down: the WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT. The "World Cosplay Summit" was created to promote international exchange through Japanese youth culture of manga and anime.

Once again this summer, participants from around the world are gathered in Nagoya, Japan to participate and compete with the best of the best.

This year however, there will be yet another factor connecting the world this year: music!

musicJAPANplus' even, the MJP GIG will be held in Nagoya as part of the cosplay summit as a special live performance. The artists to be announced first are Alice Nine, but there is more to come!

Check the data below and look forward to more!

-- "musicJAPANplus GIG vol.5 x World Cosplay Summit 2012 SPECIAL LIVE"
Date: 2012/08/03
Venue: Aichi, Geijutsu Gekijou DaiHall
OPEN 17:45 / START 18:30
[Line Up] Alice Nine / ...???
[Tickets] 5,250 Yen (tax in)
General Sales Start: 2012/07/16

source to musicjapanplus

L'Arc-en-Ciel Airing Madison Square Garden Performance on NHK World!

In March this year, L'Arc-en-Ciel had embarked on their to date largest world tour, mobilizing about 450,000 people in countries like England, France, Indonesia and more. The performance that gathered by far the most attention had been their concert at the New York Madison Square Garden, where L'Arc-en-Ciel gathered 12,000 fans. 
It was the first time for a Japanese artist to hold a concert at the venue.

It has now been revealed that the concert footage will be shown for the very first time for the world to see, airing on NHK World, reaching 130 countries.

The footage will also include a special interview from before the show and other specials to be released for the very first time. Therefore make sure to check the details below and not miss this chance!

-- NHK BS Premium (Japan Only)
"L'Arc~en~Ciel Live at Madison Square Garden WORLD TOUR 2012"
Date: 2012/07/21 (Sat) START 23:30 JST
Program Details: www.nhk.or.jp/bs/nettaiya/

-- NHK World (International Airing)
"L'Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012"
Date: 2012/07/28 (Sat) PART1, 29 (Sun) PART2 
※The footage of BS Premium will be reedited for the international airing
※The on-air time for the program varies according to the country
※NHK World can not be received in Japan
※Please see details on the airing places on the official homepage
NHK Official Site: www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/japanese/top/index.html

-- NHK BS Premium "L'Arc~en~Ciel 20 Nen no Kiseki" Re-Airing
Date: 2012/07/22 (Sun) START 01:00 JST

Date: 2012/07/22 (Sun) START 21:00 JST
※Tokyo Kokuritsu Kyougijou Performance

source to musicjapanplus

VAMPS - Comment Video "VAMPS LIVE 2012 BEAST ON THE BEACH" [2012.07.17]

credit to edohsama

MIYAVI Providing Songs for iPhone / iPad App "jubeat plus"


Only yesterday has MIYAVI released his latest single "DAY 1", which is the second act out of his "SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES".

It has now been revealed that MIYAVI provided a number of songs for the iPhone / iPad application "jubeat plus", which is a rhythmical game for said devices. The four songs provided are from his album "WHAT'S MY NAME" and include the title track by the same name, "A-HA", "SHELTER" and "FUTURISTIC LOVE".

The distribution has begun on July 10th and the "MIYAVI-pack" is available for 450 Yen.

Also, on July 14th, Fuji TV will be airing the performance of MIYAVI x Sakamoto Fuyumi x Takamiy and their newly arranged version of "Yozakura Oshichi". MIYAVI himself had been in charge of the new production for the song that had been released in 1994 by Sakamoto. It is to be expected as to what kind of performance the three of them will be showing.

credit to musicjapanplus.jp

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