Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alice Nine Mobilizing 8,000 Fans for Album "9" Signing Event!

On February 22nd, Alice Nine have released their latest album "9" and on February 25th a special event has been held for all fans who bought the album at the Harajuku Laforet museum. The event was held for those who had purchased the first press limited edition, while those who had bought the regular edition, were in line the next day at the TFT Hall. The event included a signing session and a poster give away by the members respectively.

Apart from the direct greetings with the fans, the band members talked about a variety of things - the album being a big topic, but also little things like health care and such. Also, each participant of the event received a clear file, which were available in 11 different kinds as each song's lyrics were printed on the back, the front showing the band members.

On March 7th, Alice Nine will be going on their tour "Court of '9' #1", which is only the first among their busy tour schedule this year.

By the way, the tickets for "Court of '9' #2" are currently on sale via the GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB. So don't miss this chance!

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