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Golden Bomber - New Album "The Past Masters vol.1" Details and Covers

Details on Golden Bomber’s new album “The Past Masters vol.1“, which is set for release on April 24th, have been revealed.
“The Past Masters vol.1″ is a compilation album to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the band’s CD debut, and it will consist of 16 tracks in total.
There will be limited editions A, B, C, and a regular edition. Limited editions A and B will come with a DVD, while limited edition C and regular edition will have a CD only. The jacket cover for the limited edition C has been made as a collaboration with SoftBank as it features the “father dog” from SoftBank’s “Shirato-ke” CM series.

Check out the details below.

01. Saite Saite Kirisaite
02. Itsumo to Onaji Yoru
03. Kimi ga Inai Aida ni
04. Gi-Ga-!
05. †The・V-kei ppoi Kyoku† (live)
06. Neeeeeee!
07. Rafiora
08. Nemutakute
09. Ii Hito
10. Sayonara Fuyumi
12. Nakanaide
13. Dance My Generation
14. Tobacco
15. Ujimushi
16. Setsunaihodo

“Golden Douga Gekijo -with the second sound channel-”
01. “Miwa-san 100km Marathon” @ Ikebukuro CYBER 2008/7/20 (First one-man)
02. “Daitokai Tokyo ni Arawareta Kappa wo Oe!” @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/1/4
03. “Datsu Visual Mou! Datsumou Laser Karaoke Grand Prix”
04. “Cho Kantan! Bakusou Shanai Cooking”

*same as Limited Edition A

“Summary of the 5 years since CD debut with the live footages and MC -with the second sound channel-”
01. Opening + Members’ introduction @ Ikebukuro CYBER 2008/7/20
02. Announcement of the result for new member audition + ‘Gi-ga-!’ ~MC @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/5/3
03. Opening Talk (Summary of the whole year) @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/7/5
04. “Saite Saite Kirisaite” ~MC @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/9/6
05. “Kimi ga Inai Aida ni” @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE 2009/11/1
06. “Itsumo to Onaji Yoru” @ LIQUID ROOM 2010/9/24
07. Important announcement ~ “The・V-kei ppoi Kyoku (live・really live) @ SHIBUYA-AX 2010/12/27
08. MC~ “Rafiora” @ TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 20011/5/17
09. “Ii Hito” @ Zepp Tokyo 2011/10/7
10. MC~ “Sayonara Fuyumi” ~MC + W Encore @ Nippon Budokan 2012/1/15
11. “Tobacco” @ Osaka-jo Hall 2012/6/10
12. MC~ “Nakanaide” @ Yokohama Arena 2012/6/18
13. “ICE BOX” @ Kishidan Banpaku 2012/9/17
14. “Dance My Generation” By Shoya @ Zepp Diver City 2012/10/13


※regular edition will have the same content as limited edition C, but the price will be different
[CD only]
*same as Limited Edition A


Source & Image: natalie + Golden Bomber official site

Thanks to Kaede for the tip!

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