Friday, March 15, 2013

Aldious - New Album Release !!! [2013.05.15]

I was waiting very much. 
Released third album Aldious decided on Wednesday 15 May 2013. 
In the heart of the music to sprint to violently melodious, Aldious fusion of past and present, it is a masterpiece that has become one of the band's desire and more! 
This time it will be two forms with the normal edition + DVD Limited Edition with 11 tracks, a mini photo book page +16 11 tracks. 
For a limited Erupaka Loppi · · HMV, also sold as the original Deluxe Edition Limited Edition T-shirts that are now set. Deluxe Edition This book sale will begin on March 15. 
(For another original corporate benefits, I will be up here as soon as it is determined in the news right now, because it is being adjusted each entity and person.)
Future, so we will publish photos and new artists cover photo, please stay tuned!

"Untitled" Aldious
5.15 On Sale
[Limited Edition] (CD + DVD) 
Part Number: BSRS-013 
Limited Edition only all 11 + songs, 
music videos December 22, "crash", Live Video "Suicide" years (2012, at Shibuya O-EAST Making of video footage), "White Crow" was recorded live footage recorded with DVD 
¥ 3,500 with lyrics (tax in)

[Regular Edition] (CD) 
Item: BSRS-014 
only Regular Edition + all 11 songs with 16 page mini photo book 
with lyrics ¥ 2,800 (tax in)

[Limited Deluxe Edition] Loppi · Erupaka · HMV (with Limited Edition + T-shirt, jacket type specification luxury BOX) 
Item: BSRS-012 ※ CD + DVD is Limited Edition (BSRS-013) is sealed. 
(Tax in) ¥ 5,800 with lyrics 
one-size-fits-all, 21cm Sleeve Width 53 × 71 × Mitake (approx.): ● T-shirt 
does not have a T-shirt sold only ※. 
● BOX Product Size: Horizontal 18 × 18 × 7cm depth (approx.) Vertical

source to OHP

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