Saturday, September 17, 2011

LM.C Reveale PV of Future unleash on NicoNico Douga

On October twelfth 2011, LM.C are releasing their initial best-of album "Best the LM.C 2006-2011 SINGLES", which can embody all their singles from their debut to 2011.

On this album, the song "the LOVE SONG" are embody, which can become an anime gap from October. However, the music video are revealed even before that on Nic Nico Douga for fans who cannot wait to look at it.

Moreover, on October sixteenth, their performance at Akasaka BLITZ can permit fans to selected the set list for the concert via the special web site for the best-of album.
The voting has started today!

On high all of this, LM.C are standing of stage of Nippon Budokan, next year on January eighth for the primary time, as well. 

"Best the LM.C 2006-2011 SINGLES"
Release Date: 2011/10/12
[First Press restricted Edition] PCCA-03484 / seven,000 Yen (tax in)
[Regular Edition] PCCA-03485 / three,000 Yen (tax in)

"Go To The fifth Anniversary FINAL"
- Rock the PARTY - 2012 at Nippon Budokan
Date: 2012/01/08 (Sun)

credit : MJP

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