Saturday, September 17, 2011

P'UNK~EN~CIEL is over - from Tetsuya's press [CD-Data]

This is coming from Tetsuya's Press in the newest issue of CD-Data . There is no more clarification or explanations, just this one sentence.  So we can only guess whether it means "no more P'UNK B-sides", or "no more P'UNK sections during L'Arc concerts", or simply "P'UNK era has come to an end" - we also don't know if it's "over forever" or "over for now". 

But one thing we can bet on: There will be new fresh things instead. Based on the XXX single and concerts, looks like it would be L'Accoustics.

PUNK~EN~CIEL did release 12 songs, that looks like a right amount for an album. There's equal amount of songs produced by each member (3), and this doesn't look like a coincidence either. Tetsuya has mentioned wanting to release a P'UNK album, if I remember right he's said it on several occasions. 

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