Friday, December 21, 2012

DIR EN GREY - "A knot "LIMITED -SHIBUYA-AX-" [2012.10.10] LIVE DVD

Taking into DIR EN GREY had been dormant music openly than the throat discomfort of Kyoto, SHIBUYA-AX on October 10, 2012 became the LIVE for the first time in nine months - about the video long-awaited performances LIMITED-"a knot" into. Permanent edition DVD was recorded LIVE uncut premiere that took place in a fully qualified member "a knot". 

■ contents in [DISC-I] SK-015-D TOUR2012 IN SITU SHIBUYA-AX 2012.10.10 - "a knot" LIMITED- DISC-II] [SK-016-D Documentary Footage

■ Number of Discs: 2-Disc 
Special 2-Disc specification: Specifications ■ 
¥ 7,140 (tax in) + = ¥ 7,940 ¥ eight hundred (such as shipping fees) (tax in): ■ Price 
Release year ■: 2013

■ Book Award: 
towards payment to (Mon), Original Book Award is sealed on January 14, 2013.

source to OHP

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