Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cure (キュア) January 2013 [SCAN] [EU]

Cure (キュア) Janaury 2013年1月号 Vol.112 【表紙&巻頭】 己龍 Kiryu visual kei magazine scans

The January 2013 issue of Cure feature Kiryu as the cover models. Inside features critical interview with Maschera, band feature "D", cover and  top feature Kiryu, Monthly Special with MEJIBRAY & FEST VAINQUER, live report -  BANDS SHOCK Revolution 12'/CELL/DIV/GAKIDO/Blitz, Band Pick Up - FULL EFFECT & Kodomo Dragon (コドモドラゴン), BAND CLOSE UP - Blue-BILLioN/ A/ Hana Shōnen Badīzu (花少年バディーズ) /LOST ASH, Band File  - DOG in the Parallel World Orchestra / 凛 (Rin) /UNITE, and more.

108 MB
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