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Contents in the mini-album "THE UNRAVELING" Index of DIR EN GREY will be released on April 3, was revealed.

This work provides a complete specification of 3 Limited Edition order that consists of sheets and CD2 and DVD, Limited Edition of Limited Edition comes with a DVD with only the CD, and documentary footage during production. In addition to "Unraveling" songs, the CD of all the common specification, version of the reconstruction of past songs such as "Bottom of the death valley" "Unknown.Despair.Lost" "THE FINAL" "Raven" "haze", "business" 7 tracks in total, are in me.

"Unplugged version and extends to about 16 minutes" "Unraveling" "THE FINAL DISC 2 of the Limited Edition to complete orders recorded a remake version of MACABRE" further. Mixing and mastering of the sound of the mini-album, Chu Maddosen is responsible for following the "outline" single and the album "DUM SPIRO SPERO" The.

DIR EN GREY will hold a tour "TOUR2013 TABULA RASA" nationwide from April 5, after the release of a new addition. Looks like it will deliver to fans live sound "THE UNRAVELING".

CD (Limited Edition ※, Limited Edition, Limited Edition common full order)
01. Unraveling 
02 industries. 
haze 03. 
crow 04. 
05. Bottom of the death Valley 
06. Unknown.Despair.Lost 

CD Limited Edition full order
02. Unraveling (Unplugged Ver.) 
03. THE FINAL (Unplugged Ver.)

DVD, Limited Edition
-THE UNRAVELING (Scenes From Recording) 
-Documentary Footage

Limited Edition DVD full order
-THE UNRAVELING (Scenes From Recording) 
-Interview & Documentary Footage


Tokyo TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on Friday, April 05, 2 013 
, Osaka Namba Hatch Thursday, April 11, 2013 
April 12, 2013 Hatch, Osaka Namba Friday, 
April 14, 2013 (Sun) BAY5 SQUARE Kochi 
Zepp Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture on Thursday, April 18, 2,013 
, Kyoto KBS Hall Saturday, April 20, 2 013 
, Kyoto KBS Hall Sunday 21 April 2013 
27 April 2013 Sun International House, Kobe, Hyogo (Sat) 
International House, Kobe, Hyogo (Japan) April 28, 2013 
May 15, 2013 STUDIO COAST Shinkiba Tokyo on Wednesday, 
May 16, 2013 STUDIO Shinkiba Tokyo (Thu) COAST

source to NATALIE

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