Saturday, February 9, 2013

New T.M.Revolution self-cover album "UNDER:COVER 2"

Second self cover album from T.M.Revolution features 15 tracks decided on the basis of request. Lots of guest artists join to create this album such as the GazettE, JESSE (from RIZE), Tomoyasu Hotei, May J. and more
UNDER:COVER 2 will be released on February 27th, 2013. It'll be available in 3 different editions: CD Only, CD+DVD (the DVD will include footage from TMR's performance at Inazuma Rock Fes) and 2CD+GOODS (Underwear).

01. LEVEL 4 [Arranger & Guests: UZUMAKI]
02. Blue thunder [Arranger: solstice interest shore / Guest: Tomoyasu Hotei]
04. INVOKE [Arranger: kz (livetune)]
05. Last resort [Arranger: Kosuke Oshima / Guest: May J.]
06. -Monopolize dictatorship- [ Arranger: Daisuke Asakura / Guest: TATSUYA]
07. Love new theory of evolution - talk prized possession. [Arranger: Hiroshi Shibasaki]
08. O.L [Arranger: Satoru Suzuki / Guest: Yasuharu Nakanishi]
09. Burnin 'X'mas [Arranger: INA]
10. SHAKIN 'LOVE [Arranger: IKUO / Guests: the GazettE, Masayuki Hasuo, 385 bonanzas]
11. Out Of Orbit ~ Triple ZERO ~ [Arranger: SHINGO Agitato]
12. WILD RUSH [Arranger & Guests: VERBAL m-flo]
13 Albireo - Albireo - [Arranger: Tom H @ ck]
14 vestige - Vu~esutiji - [Arranger: Takashi Matsutani]
15. Tomorrow Meets Resistance [Arranger & Guests: HOME MADE family]
Limited Edition bonus:
16. Meteor - Meteor [Arranger: Onishi Shogo, Onetrap]

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