Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The GazettE 11th Anniversary Tour Final MELT Sold Out and J-MELO Award !

The GazettE will be performing their 11th Anniversary live, GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA tour final MELT, at Saitama Super Arena, Japan, on March 10th. The live has just been announced as sold out! An amazing news for the GazettE who never fails to deliver high quality performances. The band has become a reference on the Visual Kei scene.

The band also won the J-MELO award, for the second time! The 6th J-MELO awards special live will be broadcasted on February 24th, 2013. You can watch J-MELO online here. Don't miss it!

"Receiving the J-MELO award is a huge honor for us. People all over the world have sent messages asking us to come and perform. We’d love to expand our horizons and play more live shows abroad. So keep supporting us!" - Kai, The GazettE

Sources: Music Japan Plus, J-MELO

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