Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Gazette (ガゼット) World Tour 2013 - Division Final -MELT- (Unofficial Trailer)

This is a selfmade unofficial Trailer for the upcoming World Tour from The Gazette in September 2013. 
To download it and to watch it with "full synchronization" watch it at 

The Tour dates and Locations are:
9/6  Jose Cuervo Salon@Mexico City(MEXICO)
9/8  Teatro Caupolican@Santiago(CHILE)
9/11 Teatro Vorterix@Buenos Aires(ARGENTINA)
9/14 A Seringueira@Sao Paulo(BRAZIL)
9/20 Le Trianon@Paris(FRANCE)
9/22 Le Phare@Toulouse(FRANCE)
9/25 FZW@Dortmund(GERMANY)
9/27 Muffathalle@Munich(GERMANY)
9/29 The Circus@Helsinki(FINLAND)

source to CwybugHD

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  1. Ráda bych se zeptala, jestli někdo jede do Mnichova.??..


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