Thursday, April 4, 2013

T.M.Revolution and Mizuki Nana to release their collaboration song in May

It’s been determined that T.M.Revolution and Mizuki Nana’s collaboration song, “Preserved Roses“, will be released on May 15th.

“Preserved Roses” is the opening theme for TBS‘ new anime, ‘Kakumeiki Valvrave‘, which starts on April 12th. A kick-off stage was held for the anime on March 31st during ‘Anime Contents Expo 2013 [ACE 2013]‘ at Makuhari Messe, where T.M.Revolution and Mizuki appeared as the secret guests.

On the stage, the anime’s main cast Ohsaka Ryota, Kimura Ryohei, Seto Asami, Tomatsu Haruka, Ono Yuki, Kayano Ai, and Yuki Aoi shared episodes from behind-the-scene, and also gave talks to stir up excitement for the anime. Then, the latest video clips for ‘Kakumeiki Valvrave’ was revealed which featured the audio for “Preserved Roses”.

After this, T.M.Revolution and Mizuki made their appearance which made the crowd scream and applaud in excitement. It was also announced that Mizuki would be participating in the anime as a voice actress.

The single will be released in 3 different types: Limited Edition, Period Production Limited Edition, and Regular Edition . The Limited Edition will come with a DVD including the song’s PV and making-of video. The Period Production Limited Edition will be an one-coin (500 yen) single with just one song. Finally, the Regular Edition will contain karaoke tracks.

Source & Image: natalie
credit to tokyohive

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