Thursday, September 8, 2011

the GazettE's new single debuted at the 9th rank under billboard hot 100 !

Let alone a successful concert in Tokyo last year, this summer's first-ever appearance in <SUMMER SONI2011> band, the GazettE to lead the visual system of the current rock scene (Gazette), the first and 2nd in total 20 pieces 2011 single and "REMEMBER THE URGE" won the ninth by the release of debut HOT100 August 31.
5th album released this work on January 5 and 10 "TOXIC" unreleased in the number, the title is "unforgettable impulse means". The version released in the form of two bonus tracks were recorded with a video and the making and PV, won the fourth point extended the sales charts. Hard rock tune full of feeling intensely as racing title, and expectations to the full album for about two years and three months is even higher.

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